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Songshan Feng Tian Temple

Phone:886-2-23491500 Address:110 110 , Xinyi Dist., Taipei City
Commonly known as ldquo;The Temple of Heaven rdquo; the Temple enshrines the Heavenly Emperor as its main deity. It is situated at Fude Street by the foot of Tiger Mountain of the ldquo;Four Beasts Mountains rdquo;. It originates from first the year of Tongzhi reign (1862). At that time an ancestor from Tangshan came to Taiwan alone and resided in the cave of Tiger Mountain. He hung a red silk writing that read ldquo;The Heavenly Emperor and various deities rdquo; by the walls of the cave entrance and set up an incense burner on the rock to worship it. However the cave was damaged during the Japanese colonial period. In 1954 people rebuilt a temple with bamboo at the same location to pay tribute to the Heavenly Emperor. In 1959 it was officially named ldquo;Songshan Feng Tian Temple rdquo;. From 1967 to 1977 it continued to expand where the main hall was renovated and a pilgrim building and library were built. With a floor area of more than 3300m2 the place is able to accommodate more than a thousand pilgrims. From here one can overlook The Presidential Office Building Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall CKS Memorial Hall The Grand Hotel International Trade Building Grand Hyatt Taipei and City Hall and is an excellent place of worship and enjoying the scenery. nbsp;
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