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Datun Mountain System: Zhongyishan Hiking Trail

Phone:886-2-23491500 Address:112 112 , Beitou Dist., Taipei City
There are two easterly paths that run around the mountain from the backyard of Xintian Temple (Zhongyi Temple) in Beitou. Pines and bamboos growing beside the stairway paths provide shade for more than 90% of the trail. Xiaobalifen Mountain (elevation 232m) provides views of the Guandu Plain and Guanyin Mountain. Ropes have been attached to help people climb the steeper sections. PictureOn the small flat land on the mountain have two graveyards one power tower and a BMX (Bicycle Motocross) training course. Following the path which runs from northeast towards southwest Daoxiang Road or Taipei Highway No.3 in Tamsui is about 750m away in northeast. Walking towards southwest of the path the Zhuwei and Tamsui River estuaries are in sight from the open area on the mountain. Taking the unpaved path down the slope along the ridge is about 400m and can arrive to the intersection at Lane 30 Zhongyang North Road Section 4 (going north to Fengdanbailu southwest to Northern Taiwan Institute of Science and Technology south to Taoyuan Junior High School Chen Huai-gong Memorial Hall and Xingtian Temple). The Xingtian Temple entrance is located in the south of the intersection about 150m away. The entire hillside path is about 2 kilometers long and takes about 1.5 hour to walk. The facilities on the path located in the backyard of Xingtian Temple are well-maintained which make it the best site for the residents doing morning exercise.
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