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Huazhong Riverside Park

Phone:886-2-27208889 Address:108 Taipei CityWanhua Dist.Next to Huazhong Bridge at the end of Wanda Rd.
Located next to the Huazhong Bridge in Huazhong Riverside Park, the 12-hectare park was inaugurated in July 2009 to feature the country's largest riverside campsite: it can accommodate up to 800 campers. Highly accessible traffic-wise, the campsite is adjacent to a huge parking lot and boasts a campervan park, complete with utility supploes and bathrooms, and the country's first campervan sewerage facility. In addition to the river-facing campsite that is encircled by a bike path, the park offers bike rental services and a colorful array of recreational facilities (for soccer, beach volleyball, basketball, tennis, etc.) in a revolutionary multi-purpose setting. The Huazhong Riverside Park is truly a recreational "back garden" of Taipei.
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