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Garlic(Suan Tou)Ecological Park

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If a place in addition to the provision of leisure function, also can be both environmental and educational functions, then this place is very worthwhile to play, and garlic ecological park is such a place. Garlic Ecological Park in Chiayi County, anew play Sheng, Putsu River is also segmented one region of the remediation Putsu River is one of the major rivers in Chiayi County, because of its rich natural ecological resources, Chiayi County, remediation Putsu River water quality and coastal ecological landscape as a priority. garlic ecological a park years ago, was originally the Taiwan Sugar cane waste arable land, the facade at the entrance to this area for the county incinerator, county environmental protection bureau then spend about 18 million yuan to build a landscape ecological pond and the park by a variety of aquatic plants in the daytime photosynthetic the role of import oxygen and the absorption or breathing in the night, to restore the role of interaction cycle, organic matter and ammonia nitrogen removal, back row water contaminants, reduce water quality purification function. Park, there are six static environmental Ecological Exhibition Hall, is a multimedia exhibition hall (management consulting service station), environmental protection Ecological Exhibition Hall (the introduction of domestic water purification system of constructed wetlands Putsu River watershed ecology), resource recovery Exhibition Center (Exhibition sale of environmentally friendly recycled furniture), ecological restoration Exhibition Hall (solid waste sanitary landfill restoration commentary, etc.), water treatment exhibition hall (the ecological functions of wetlands explanation),environmental art Workshop (available county elementary and junior high conduct of environmental protection works development).
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