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Zhe Cheng Cultural Park [Garlic ( Suan Tou) Sugar Factory]

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Garlic sugar factory was built in 1906 AD was Taiwans third-largest sugar refinery in the era of Japanese rule. Plant flooding caused by Typhoon Nari in 2001, sugar refining equipment was severely damaged, so stop the sugar business, and gradually transition to leisure industry - tourism sugar field, and garlic, sugar mills combined with the unique TSC-fifth of the car, cane Chengdao cultural Park. The century-old sugar factory in the Park most important feature of the machines have switched to cease operation, but the factory is still planning a tour route, such as thequality of cane board, molasses and other objects display in the explanation of thenavigation so that visitors can clearly understand sucrose manufacturing process. Plant garlic, sugar mills for the rustic wooden building, where you can take the fifth of earners to travel by train to go. Train traveling to CPIC, Nanjing direction since the station of departure passengers of the car navigation will explain along the pastoral cause, including decreasing the white sugar cane fields and other park antique building can enjoy this deep feeling to the progress of life. 93 by the end of Park attractions ecological park developed, and also both the function of the outdoor education. Sugar mills, there are many unique and authentic ice cream is worth to taste special flavors such as garlic, sugar, red bean popsicles, sugar cane Chengdao red beans clear ice, barley and plum Popsicle and so on, so you food for thought!
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