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Four Legged Monster

Phone:886-5-3621855 Address:613 Taizi Blvd., Puzi City, Chiayi County 613, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
The four-legged Monster, a tripod structure, composed of the legs of a rooster, an ox, a man and a tripod, symbolizes the unchallenged powers of an emperor. On its surface, the common memories of the stainless cookwares utilized by the Chiayi people are meant to emphasize the contemporary spirit of sharing and co-existence, and show the cultural legends of Chiayi county. It not only deconstrusts the royal and aristocratic significance of the tripod, but also explore the relationship between imperialism and democracy, as well as the upper class and the lowly one. Wang, an MFA from the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Taipei University of Fine Arts, is good at the landscape and populace arts in a large scale. Recent major exhibition include: 2009 Water and Land Festival, an open air exhibition in Japan 21st Summer Deaflympic Taipei, an open air exhibition 2007 Prague Quadrennial 2001 Venice Biennial
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